#MondayMotivation: 5 careers you should be eyeing

#MondayMotivation: 5 careers you should be eyeing

If you are an 80’s and 90’s baby you probably grew up seeing your parents and/or guardians secure jobs easily.

I am talking about the mainstream kind of jobs that everyone knew about. They mainly ended up getting in to precisely the same fields learnt and still are in our institutions of higher learning.

Looking back, things have switched up quite a lot owing to the continuous change in technology, innovation and more mobile/internet uptake.

This has also been immensely altered by the rise of ‘millennials’ who have been described in many ways, most of them not so positive… but that is a story for another day because it is a sensitive subject (How millennial of me!)

One would wonder, just what exactly has changed? To begin with we have become a ‘slashy’ generation, for lack of a better term, and in turn careers have become more specialised and fragmented (A moment of silence for all those Twitter and Instagram bios).


As you continuously suffer from the #WhineFlu syndrome of how there are no jobs, have you changed with the changing times or are you as rigid as they get?

Here are some of the new careers you should be eyeing:

1. Social media/ Community managers

Gone are the days when you used to be scolded for being on your phone way too much! There are people making a living from chatting, posting and basically playing social on the internet whilst ensuring they best represent a brand online and answer all the netizens’ queries directed to the brand. Don’t believe me? Well, how do you think big brands get to keep their social media platforms updated on the go?

2. Influencers

We have been described as a generation that gratifies likes and followers on social media. A fake kind that dwells on filters, crazy edits and photoshopped pictures. (Ask Buo-Art he can possibly tell the tale better.)

Now, what most people do not realise is that it takes a lot of effort to amass a following and create a brand of your own.

With the large audiences Comedian Njugush, This is Ess, Brian Mbunde (to name but a few) command the online space, they can easily make anything a trend. Still think those likes and followers are pointless? Your choice!

3. Content Creators

The famous content creators…we have all come across those many Twitter and Instagram bios with these two magic words!

These range from bloggers such as Sharon Mwangi (an upcoming fashion blogger), Jackson Biko (a writer) to YouTubers such as Over25 and the likes of Nancie Mwai, Miss Mandii and Sheila Ndinda, all with a different niche.

Start a blog/YouTube channel or, better yet, create content for Viusasa today and be on your merry way to the bank!

4. App/ Website Developers

Remember those days that businesses only had physical addresses? Well, thank God for tech wizards. You can always get served at the click of a button from the most comfortable corner of your bed or office.

With the internet uptake through mobile phones coming at 83% in Kenya, most businesses have realised that it is crucial to have applications and mobile-friendly websites which in turn has created a new avenue to be explored and to make money from by those conversant with the field.

5. Taxify/ Little-Cab/ Uber drivers

The transport industry has not been one to lag behind. Major strides have been made and this has consequently made commuting to different places in a short span of time for less money – be it coming from a meeting to another or club hopping on a Friday night – very easy.

How many remember the days you used to try and negotiate with those Taxi drivers that park at different spots and still end up paying ridiculous amounts of money? Woe unto them because those days are long gone!


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