New treatment that turns ‘blacks’ instantly ‘white’

Researchers in Russia have developed a chemical process to ‘quickly whiten a person’ through a procedure that includes peeling off the topmost layer of the skin, says Moscow Times.

According to a publication of the Moscow Faculty of Sciences, the chemical consists of a mixture of oxytane and benzodiazepine.

The patient would be required to sit in a chemical bath for six hours after which the skin would peel off easily.

The procedure makes the subjects white after the upper skin layer that contains melanin is peeled off, revealing the white skin underneath.

According to officials at the laboratory that conducts the procedure, 254 people have so far been treated.

Authorities commented that the treatment would be of high value to immigrants who may feel more integrated into Russian society if their skin matched that of the natives.

Several human rights bodies across the world have strongly opposed the treatment terming it as inhuman.


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