Online platform to help diabetics fight off coronavirus

Online platform to help diabetics fight off coronavirus

Diabetes Management Resource Centre (DMRC) has launched an online platform to help Kenyan diabetes patients fight off the deadly coronavirus.

The resource centre offers a platform to have a constant communication with certified healthcare providers through digital check-ins and virtual visits when patients are under quarantine or on restricted movement.

“Through technology, we have added a feature to our website where you can easily consult a nutritionist who will work with you and help you tailor-make a meal plan which will help you achieve any of your health goals,” DMRC Founder Mr Duncan Motanya said.

He noted that the digital platform will help diabetics to improve their health by keeping a balanced diet to cope with disruptions of daily routine and lifestyle brought upon by COVID-19.

It is one of the initiatives selected as a beneficiary of the Mbele Na Biz initiative by the World Bank and the Government of Kenya.

Patients will now be able to make smart decisions on how to better manage their own health through virtual nutritionists and diabetes experts.

The centre looks to help individuals reach a healthy weight for their body types, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and management of diabetes through advisory on the right diet.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has already warned that older persons and persons with pre-existing medical conditions such as high blood pressure, heart diseases, lung diseases, cancer or diabetes are the most likely to develop more serious illness when they contract coronavirus.

For instance, China which is the epicentre of the virus outbreak, reported people with diabetes having much higher rates of serious complications and death than people without diabetes.

DMRC virtual health experts will also help patients manage or prevent other nutrition-related chronic diseases like obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

Initially, the centre has kept low the cost of booking for an appointment with its nutritionists and health consultants at an introductory fee of Sh 500. The fee is inclusive of a tailor-made meal-plan.

Consultancies and health education services on how to monitor diabetes, taking medication, healthy eating, reducing risks and coping with diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic will be done through video calls and the centre’s website respectively.

“Patients will also be able to replenish or refill their medical supplies by placing orders online and delivery done to patients’ doorsteps,” said Mr. Motanya.

DMRC was established in 2014 with an aim to educate the public about diabetes, Diabetes related complications and share knowledge and experiences on how to effectively manage the disease.

DMRC was shortlisted as a beneficiary of World Bank grant through government’s MBELE NA BIZ business plan competition.


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