School in Baringo where pupils study amid cows

Pupils at Nachurur Primary School in Tiaty Constituency, Baringo County have been forced to study under trees due to lack of classrooms. The school with a population of 300 pupils has also been forced to make do with only two teachers, demonstrating the disadvantaged situation for pupils in the remote region. If there’s a mandatory test these children need to pass everyday, it is paying attention to the teacher despite the many distractions in their ‘classroom’, including cows. However, cows are not the only concern for the children of Nachurur Primary School, according to Nelson Mutkel, the school’s deputy head teacher, the birds are also a nuisance as they perch on the tree above their ‘classroom’ where they sing and distract the pupils. When it rains, the pupils who are in standard 1-3 along with their teachers take shelter in the small available classrooms till the rain passes. Those classes are assigned to the older pupils of between classes 5 to 8 who also have their own unique test to pass. Their challenge is to concentrate on one teacher while the other teacher teaches another class behind them as two classes share one room. “We only have two teachers here from the government, me and the head teacher,” said Mr Mutkel. The school’s chairman Mr Lomoyo Ajapan noted that all they want is for their children to learn like other children.

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