Service with a twist: Pallet Cafe changes narrative, one waiter at a time

Service with a twist: Pallet Cafe changes narrative, one waiter at a time

The service industry is highly dependent on  effective communication and at Pallet Cafe, the same principle applies, but with a twist.

A client has to be able to say what they want while the service provider has to understand their needs and meet their expectations.

”80% of my staff are hearing impaired,” Feisal Hussein, the restaurant owner say. So how does it work?’

Citizen TV visited Pallet Cafe that is set in a tranquil environment in Lavington area.

At the entrance, guests are met by a waiter who shows them to their table. On the back of the waiter’s shirt are the words ‘I am deaf’.

They take orders from their clients using sign language and within no time, food is brought to the table with great efficiency.

The menu at the restaurant has sign language translations which Hussein says helps the customer know how to order.

It also helps the waiter to know what the customers have ordered.

When asked why he chose to work with people with hearing impairment, Feisal responds: ”People are not giving chances to disability.”

He says that he was aware of the business risk involved but still decided to open the restaurant to help those with hearing impairment.

He also knew nothing about sign language but learnt on the go. His manager Susan Watkins reveals that she was the same.

”I couldn’t even say thank you,” she says, adding that now she can easily communicate with people with hearing impairment.

On future plans, the cafe owner says he wants to acquire the necessary technology so that the staff can work in the kitchen.

Story translated by Duncan Mutwiri


Pallet Cafe Nairobi

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