Spy thriller movie ‘355’ starring Lupita, Chastain to debut in 2021

Spy thriller movie ‘355’ starring Lupita, Chastain to debut in 2021

The spy thriller 355 starring Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o and Jessica Chastain will be released on January 15, 2021.

A video released in July showed Lupita donning boxing gloves during the movie’s preproduction process.

Chastain, who is well known for her role in films with strong feminist themes, proposed the idea for the movie while working with Kinberg.

“Simon and I were making X-Men and I had this idea of a female ensemble action film. It’s insane that we are actually making it now!” Chastain said on a video posted on her Instagram page.

The film will be executive produced by Richard Hewitt (“Bohemian Rhapsody”).

IMDB, an online rating website for movies, describes 355 as “a spy thriller movie with a diverse female cast playing international agents.”

In the storyline, the characters are forced to overcome their suspicions and conflicts and stop the world from being plunged into chaos.

According to Variety.com, a new faction is consequently formed with code name ‘355’; a name they adopt from the first female spy in the American Revolution.

Other co-stars include Diane Kruger, Sebastian Stan, Edgar Ramirez, Fan Bingbing among others.

The production of the movie hit a hurdle, however, when a whistleblower accused Bingbing of tax evasion.

The actress had stepped out of the limelight in her home country of China and admitted to wrongdoing on social media.

The spy thriller will mark Fan’s first big-screen role since the scandal.


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