Shocking revelation of gynaecologist who rapes his patients

For many women, a visit to a male gynaecologist is often an awkward but necessary moment that forces them to bear it all to a stranger.

Many hope the sessions could end the soonest possible and with minimum physical intrusion into their womanhood.

But for women visiting a private clinic in Nairobi’s Githurai and Zimmerman estates, they like any other profession, the  perverts the gynaecologist is that special doctor to whom you literally bear the most private details about your womanhood.

The choice of a gynaecologist is therefore a delicate balance between health and privacy concerns.

Thursday the 4th of September, 2015 would have us frantically knocking on the doors of Dr Mugo wa Wairimu’s clinic for the better part of the day

We were seeking answers to allegations that he, in his capacity as a gynaecologist, has been sedating and raping his clients.

It follows the release of a disturbing video footage that shows Dr Mugo Wairimu during a session with one of his clients, going against all medical doctrine to take advantage of a woman who is visibly unconscious.

The video shows a female patient consulting with the said doctor and after some preparations, she is seen getting atop the procedure table. At some point though, she stops moving and remains seemingly unconscious as Dr Mugo goes ahead and climbs on top of the bed.


The lady remains lifeless throughout the entire ordeal documented in a 20-minute long footage.

Sadly, the identity of the female victim in the footage remains unknown to us, as is the knowledge of whether or not she is aware of her ordeal during that hospital visit.

All we know is she went alone to see the doctor and left soon after the procedure was done.

Prestige Healthcare is located in Nairobi’s Githurai 44 and Zimmerman Estates and is known to offer reproductive health services to hundreds of women in and around the area. Sometimes, these services are offered for free as advertised by fliers. 



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