Walking your way to fitness at middle age

Walking your way to fitness at middle age

Are you aged between 40 to 60 years and willing to live and stay healthy?

Here is a simple routine to help you keep fit within weeks just by walking:

Avoid unnecessary use of vehicles

If using public service transport to work, try alighting a stop early to finish the rest of your journey on foot.

If and when you go for shopping, always opt for walking as opposed to hailing a cab or any other available means.

Use of the lift

In this day and time, most corporate and residential building have the lift services installed. Make a comittment to always take the stairs .

This will go a long way in helping you burn those extra calories and keep fit.

Stretch legs during breaks

While on breaks at work, be it tea break or lunch break, use this time to walk around and stretch your legs.

A few minutes of walking and getting back to your seat can help stretch your muscles.

Walk through your errands

Today, more and more people take their cars to errands as minimal as grocery runs. To keep fit and look young,  do not take a car or a bodaboda to small errands, walk.

This will not only stretch your body but also facilitate your system from dormancy due to inactivity.

Weekend Walk

During the weekend, how about you put down the tablet/laptop, switch off the TV and get out into the great outdoors for a bit of stroll.

Experts say walking faster help stay healthy since high levels of inactivity may be harmful to health. Yet it does not have to be a massive long walk, a regular 10 minutes’ walk can do magic to your health.

Why walk and not any other simple thing…?

Walking is the simplest thing anyone can do. A young baby always yearns for the day he will make a step and two and three and finally run. This shows how good and easy it is.

Exercises may get one tired hence giving up, but walking, as it is done every day, it will only motivate you and not give up.

Walking ends up improving your health especially to those prone to varicose veins; it also improves one mood because of change of environment and boosting gastric mobility.

Apart from the above, we do not have to forget the loss of weight helping keep off chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

This is possible since walking increase metabolism by burning extra calories in the body, improving body’s response to insulin which helps reduce fat.


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