Why you should buy into the crochet craze

Crochet braids are gaining popularity among Kenyan ladies and we foresee that they will be a hot trend sooner than later.

These braids could be deceiving because they look more of weaves than braids when done as they get their name from the method of installation.

So what exactly is crochet braiding?

Installing Crochet Braids
Installing Crochet Braids

Crochet braiding is a process where hair extensions (mainly braid extensions) are fixed through crocheting on your hair.

The installation process involves plaiting cornrows first then using a crochet to attach the hair extensions on the cornrows.

Although the end result may look like weaving, the hair extensions used for crochet braiding are for braiding (so don’t go buying a weave and ask your hair dresser to install it on your head through the crochet process).

Crochet braids
Crochet braids


Hair extensions available in the Kenyan market that look extremely gorgeous when installed as crochet braids include Marley hair, Soft Dreads, and the curlier braids such as Freetress, Pony Tail, Afro Kinky etc.

Basically, crochet braiding is somewhat an alternative to the normal fixing of braids on your hair with a smarter result, especially for the curlier hair extensions

Why you should get Crochet Braids

Crochet Marley Braids
Crochet Marley Braids

We love crochet braids for a number of reasons,

  • If you are tired of rocking the half plaited and half open braids that get tired really fast after a few weeks, then crochet braids are for you
  • Crochet braids are ideal for when your hair texture does not match the texture of the braid you want to have on and the half plaited half open look is not an option for you
  • Just like other protective styles, crochet braids protects your hair from breakage resulting from tugging and pulling in the normal braid installation process
  • Crochet braiding offers an array of styles to choose from

How to Maintain Crochet Braids

Crochet braids
Crochet braids

Maintenance is pretty simple

  • Oil the scalp as frequently as needed to avoid it getting dry and itchy
  • Tie your hair with a head wrap when you sleep

Once you have installed your crochet braids the next question you will probably be asking yourself is how to remove them when that time comes. 

How to remove crochet braids?

Crochet braids
Crochet braids

Removing crochet braids is easy and if you choose to do it yourself all you need is a pair of scissors, and moisturiser (or water).

Follow these three steps when removing crochet braids:

  • Use the scissors to cut the extensions (above the knot) to avoid cutting your hair in the process
  • Spray your hair with moisturiser to often it; this makes it easy for the hair extensions to slip out when undoing the knots
  • Once you have cut all the hair extensions, undo the knots; in the case of stubborn knots, cut again closer to the knot

They are low maintenance, neat, and the installation process is not as time consuming as the normal braiding process.

If you haven’t tried this look yet, you don’t know what you are missing!

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