Woman discovers she is pregnant 9 days before delivery

A woman in Tennessee, U.S. was shocked to discover that she was pregnant with only nine days to the due date.

This was a pleasant shock considering that Lauren Chalk had had two prior miscarriages and was certain that she could not ever carry a pregnancy to term.

”Given the history of miscarriages that I had, I would think that I was pregnant before and I would take a pregnancy test, it would be negative and I would think  subconsciously that it’s not gonna be true anyway,” Chalk said.

CNN reports that she did not realise she was pregnant earlier as she had been diagnosed with polycystic syndrome in her teenage years.

Having the syndrome meant that she had irregular menstrual cycles.

Further, the miscarriages she had in 2014 and 2016 had jaded her: she remained contemptuous of any positive pregnancy test result.

However, this time things were different: it took the keen eye of her mother to see that something was off with her daughter, prompting a doctor’s visit.

It is then that she discovered the miracle.

And on December 2, she delivered a bouncing baby boy who she named Wyatt.

”He’s the biggest gift that anyone can give me, best gift since Jesus,” she told CNN.


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