10,000 petty offenders to be freed to decongest prisons

10,000 petty offenders to be freed to decongest prisons

The National Coordinator for Community Service Atiang Mitullah now says that 10,000 inmates will be freed in a move to de-congest prisons in the country.

According to Mitullah, prisons are currently overstretched with many of them holding more inmates than expected.

“The current prison population has hit 57,000 against the recommended 33,000. We are planning to release petty offenders from prisons,” he said.

He added that currently, the committee is carrying sentence review for petty offenders, noting that those who qualify will be set free and others will be put on probation.

“Those who qualify will start leaving prison from tomorrow where some will join community service while others will be released completely.”

He noted that 118 inmates in Embu are expected to benefit from the program after High Court Judge Florence Muchemi reviewed their files and gave an approval for their release.

Mitullah further revealed that the program will  also carry out counselling program for the inmates who are alcoholic and need to reform so as to improve their lives and make them better people in society.

“Those who are serving sentence because of selling illicit brew will be equipped with skills and funded to start alternative businesses.”

He called upon the community to embrace former detainees and accord them necessary support.


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