'There were 508,000 ghost voters in Presidential election,' Omtatah tells Supreme Court

'There were 508,000 ghost voters in Presidential election,' Omtatah tells Supreme Court

Activist Okiya Omtatah makes submissions at the Supreme Court on August 31, 2022. PHOTO| Zakheem Rajan

Activist Okiya Omtatah now claims that there could have been 508,647 ghost voters in the August 9th presidential election whose outcome has been challenged at the Supreme Court.

Omtatah, who is one of the petitioners challenging the election outcome, further alleges that none of the four candidates who took part in the polls attained the 50 per cent plus 1 vote threshold to be declared winner of the presidential poll.

In his submissions before the apex court on Wednesday, Omtatah told the court that as of 8.45pm on August 9, 2022, when voting had already been closed countrywide, the correct number of votes cast through the electronic KIEMS kits stood at 13,731,215.

He, however, pointed out that the following day on August 10th the polling turnout went higher to 14,239,842, a difference of 508,647 votes which he termed as mysterious, saying “this spike in votes is not possible if we factor in the fact that most voters had cast their votes by close of voting on 9th August 2022.”

“The mysterious 508,647 votes that were recorded thereafter are fictitious and cannot be explained in the data presented in paragraphs 31 and 32 of the Replying Affidavit,” submitted Omtatah, further adding, “From the table at paragraph 26 of the Replying Affidavit, some 1,665,412 people curiously voted between the close of polls at 1700HRs of 9th August 2022 and 2045HRs of 9th August 2022.”

“And without disclosing the alleged polling stations involved, this data hides the total number of polling stations that were allegedly still identifying voters via KIEMS kits way beyond close of voting,” said the activist.

Omtatah further sought to explain to the court why he believes that the total number of votes cast, as recorded on Form 34C by the electoral commission, is erroneous.

"When the total voter turnout in the table is subtracted from the rejected votes on Form 34C, the resultant figure for valid votes is 14,213,137… That is the exact figure that is registered in Form 34C, but which is erroneous because when the votes ascribed to each of the four candidates on Form 34C are added together they give a total of 14,213,027,” he said.

Omtatah thus concludes that the conflicting figures for valid votes cast of 14,213,137 and 14,213,027 are evidence that the results “were worked backwards to achieve a desired/predetermined outcome.”

“In the circumstances, we can only conclude that these figures, which form the contents of Form 34C, are cooked. The declared percentages for the four candidates are null and void in their entirety," he says.

According to Omtatah therefore no candidate attained the required threshold of 50 percent plus one vote if the percentages are calculated using the 14,213,027 total valid votes figure.


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