6 impressive side jobs for extra money you can do from home

6 impressive side jobs for extra money you can do from home

There is no harm in making some extra money while sitting at your home. Yes, most of us are engaged in some jobs. But, sometimes, the paycheck seems to be very limited and restricted. With the growing prices of everything and the changing lifestyle, it can be hard to meet all ends with the paycheck you are earning at the end of every month.

On this account, earning a little extra might give a boost to your dreams of living a life like the way you want. However, a fear will always linger at the back of your mind concerning the effectiveness of the side job you will choose for that extra income. Having said that, let’s discover some of the ways to earn some extra bucks apart from the paycheck you are getting.

Cryptocurrency trading

One amazing way to earn money is by investing in cryptocurrencies. These virtual currencies can be traded on several online platforms like the-bitcoinfuture.org easily. Here, you will either have to forecast the price movement of the currencies or exchange the currencies through buying or selling.

Since it is a decentralized market, there will be no central authority to oversee the transactions. Hence, no legal permission will be needed to continue with the trade. As these are virtual currencies, the transactions need to be initiated from the digital wallet. Once done, you will receive a confirmation once the transaction detail will be added to the blockchain ledger.

Tutoring students online

Knowledge is meant to be shared. When you are sharing your knowledge, you are gaining more. And that’s what will help you earn a few bucks other than your regular job. But, the question is how?

Working at a school and teaching students is out of the question since you wouldn’t be able to manage two jobs at the same time. That’s humanly insane, and this is where internet comes in. For all those people proficient in teaching or have a passion for the same, online tutoring is the answer.

Several websites and teaching platforms are there where you can apply for an online tutoring job. Just, fill up their forms, let them know about your subjects of interests and submit your resume. You might have a phone interview, and once everything is settled, you can start the classes.

For online tutoring, usually people are paid based on the number of hours a day or the number of classes being taken a month.

Content writing 

This is the 21st century- the era of digitalization, where most works can be done via the internet. Be it paying the uber driver or submitting the monthly bills, you won’t have to carry cash everywhere.

This new, digital world has a lot of perks. But one of them is the increased number of opportunities for earning money sitting at your home. Several such online jobs are there but it is content writing which can assist you in making more money in a short time.

If you have creative skills and a passion for writing, online content writing jobs will be ideal. You can do it any time during your free hours as this industry truly never sleeps.

You can start with small contents within your comfort zone, gain more knowledge about how the industry works and then you can plan to catch bigger fishes in the industry pool.

Virtually assisting online

Many of you might have superb management skills like managing your time between professional and personal lives, or managing your expenses. It’s time to put those management skills to real use for acquiring a livelihood apart from the traditional incomes. With your expertise and proficiency in managerial department, you can land yourself a job as a virtual assistant.

Now, who is a virtual assistant?

Speaking in general terms, a virtual assistant is someone who works for different companies and performs all the tasks that of a secretary. This job entails managing phone calls, scheduling appointments, collecting data, bookkeeping, planning business travels, booking places for concerts or meetings, sending emails, and others.

You will have to be a tech savvy to work successfully as VA since you might be handling database for different record entries, or a company’s email for email management. You must also have excellent communication skills equivalently along with the talent of multitasking.

Online surveying jobs

Gone are the days when one would have to physically visit different stores or knock at people’s doors to fill up a survey form. With the digitalization, companies are now conducting paidsurveys which will allow you to earn a few bucks without going outside the comfort of your home.

Even though surveys do not pay sumptuously at the beginning, over time you can earn enough gift cards to reduce your expenses on your purchases. Moreover, filling out a survey form won’t take a long time. Perhaps that’s why the less payout is manageable.

Now, the main question is whether surveying jobs are consistent or not. To be very honest, every business you see out there needs feedbacks and the thoughts of their end-users.

Be it a concert management company looking for the response of their audience or a fashion store wanting to see feedbacks on their latest clothing line, surveys play an essential role in helping them understand the market. That’s why with a little patience, you can gain more invitations from different businesses to conduct the online surveys.

Babysitter jobs

Babysitting jobs might sound tiring. But, if you have efficient skills and in-depth knowledge about managing a kid, you would never find yourself tearing your hairs in frustration. Babies and toddlers always stay active and hence, you should plan for activities that will engage them for the time.

As most parents are working, they need a babysitter. But, they might also show reluctance in hiring you at the beginning of the job. So, do not expect to get a long client list from the start only.

Show your skills, impress the few parents and let the word spread. That will do the magic and soon enough, you can earn huge amount per hour as a babysitter.


Some of these jobs will give you instant money while some might take time. Regardless of the job type, you must give yourself a pat on your back and patiently continue with your work. As the competition is fierce, you might take some time to establish firm hold on the industry. But, as said, nothing is impossible and once you get a hang on this side job, you will start earning more than what you had planned once. Just remember, patience and time management are the keys!

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