Acute water shortage hits parts of Embu town

Acute water shortage hits parts of Embu town

An acute water shortage has hit some parts of Embu town with residents being forced to dig deeper into their pockets to buy the precious commodity.

Some areas such as Majimbo, Ngomano, Kamiu and Iveche villages are said to have experienced dry taps for the past one week.

On Tuesday, they expressed concern over advice from health practitioners urging people to wash hands to avoid risk of coronavirus yet they have no access to water.

A spot check in the town revealed that vendors had increased the price of water: a 20-litre container was retailing at an average of Ksh.20 shillings up from Ksh.5.

According to Assistant Chief Kamiu sub-location Sammy Njagi, residents have been seeking help from his office after the government announced emphasis on hand hygiene.

Njagi added that soap and sanitizer is available but they have no water to wash their hands thus, a situation that may pose more risk.

Veronica Kanyua, a vegetable vendor, told Citizen Digital that she is worried about her business since the area has no water.

She further claimed that non-collection of garbage which has reportedly piled up in the middle of their town may exacerbate the situation.

On her part, Wambugu Gathere– a resident–said that the area has been hit by water shortage for the last one week and even they will not have any cases of coronavirus, they are at risk of contracting other waterborne diseases.

The residents have urged the Embu Water and Sanitation Company (EWASCO) to urgently intervene.



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