'Add GMOs to the list of things that can kill you,' Moses Kuria remarks spark backlash

'Add GMOs to the list of things that can kill you,' Moses Kuria remarks spark backlash

Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria.

Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has once again sparked controversy after audaciously admitting that Genetically Modified Organisms foods can actually lead to death.

The outspoken CS made the remarks while addressing traders on Thursday, November 17.

Kuria publicly stated that the 10 million duty-free GMO maize he allowed to be imported can be added to the list of causes of death in Kenya since Kenya is a hotbed of death anyway. 

"We have so many things that can kill us in the country. Being in this country, you are a candidate for death," he said.

"And because so many things compete for death, there is nothing wrong with adding GMOs to that list. That is why we have deliberately allowed GMO until we are satisfied that we have enough maize, the staple food."

The comments immediately elicited laughter from the room.

While at the same gathering, the former Gatundu South MP further explained that the government allowed the importation of duty-free genetically modified maize in renewed efforts to curb ongoing hunger and famine.

"In view of the food situation in the country, I shall be signing instruments to allow duty-free imports of GMO and non-GMO maize for the next six months," he announced.

Kuria's statement has now attracted massive backlash from angered Kenyans who took to Twitter and other social media platforms to express their dismay and disgust.

Respected Senior Counsel Otiende Amollo responded to Kuria's macabre statement, saying, "This Is Truly Sad!".

Nandi Senator Samson Cheragai also chimed in, castigating Moses Kuria's GMO gospel, saying that it would disenfranchise Rift Valley farmers.

The lawmaker wondered why Kuria was in a hurry to allow the importation of maize, yet thousands of farmers from Rift Valley regions were harvesting maize.

According to the outspoken senator, the move by the Trade CS would subject farmers to untold losses as they would be forced to sell their produce at a lower price.

"CS Moses Kuria at his usual element but our Rift Valley farmers are currently harvesting maize, the importation of maize should stop until government has mopped up all this year's crop and avoid lowering prices that don't match the inputs incurred by maize farmers!" Cherargei tweeted.

Nairobi Senator Edwin Sifuna, while attaching a news clip of his previous interview on Citizen TV, tweeted," If you are shocked by anything Moses Kuria says or does, you are the problem. Kula tu GMO ukufe."

The CS has, however, found backing in various quarters.

"The general public ought to be well informed that GMO does not mean harm. Most, if not all, the genetic modifications performed on these crops are aimed at improving quality, texture, appearance and overall yield of the crop," a Juliet Wachira responded.

Also, visiting American billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates, who arrived in the country on Tuesday, also threw his weight behind the GMO talk, touting his own experience with experimenting with the foods. 

"Every piece of bread I’ve ever eaten is from genetically modified wheat, every piece of corn I’ve eaten is G.M.O," Bill Gates revealed.


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