After her ‘bottom-down’ slip, Alice Wahome happy people are talking about UDA’s ‘bottom-up’ approach

After her ‘bottom-down’ slip, Alice Wahome happy people are talking about UDA’s ‘bottom-up’ approach

Deputy President William Ruto’s much touted ‘bottom-up’ economic model has become a subject of intense debate across the country within the recent few weeks.

This as a host of political leaders, much strangely those allied to the DP, have been unable to explain the concept of the model and exactly what it entails.

Even as DP Ruto continues to insist that the ‘bottom-up’ approach to the economy means paying attention to the small and medium enterprises, critics have dismissed it as illogical terming it a clueless model.

Kandara MP Alice Wahome, one of DP Ruto’s lieutenants in Central Kenya, is the latest casualty on the chopping board after she was for the better part of Wednesday roasted on social media for her inability to properly explain the policy.

Wahome, in a Tuesday morning interview on Citizen TV’s Day Break show, was at pains to explain the ‘bottom-up’ model, seemingly only serving to complicate matters for the DP’s camp.

Upon being queried by the show host Sam Gituku on what exactly ‘bottom-up’ means, the legislator stuttered saying:

“Eerr…by working from the bottom-down…from up to, eerr, you know…from top to bottom…”

The response elicited a myriad of comments online, with most of them mocking the legislator for being blank on a policy she herself claims to support.

Wahome, in a Facebook post, later however expressed satisfaction that, despite the nature of comments, people are still talking about the bottom-up model.

“I’m happy that we are all now talking about ‘bottom up economy.’ Even the clueless ruling party’s SG with diarrhea of the mouth. JP went to the dogs. Completely,” she wrote.

Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju on Tuesday scoffed at DP Ruto’s political rallying call of a ‘bottom-up economy’ approach.

Speaking at a musicians fete in Gatanga, Murang’a County, Tuju made a tongue-in-cheek remark wondering whether ‘bottom-up’ refers to a person’s behind or the economy.

“Lakini hii maneno ya bottoms up economy… Labda Peter Kenneth ungetafsiri… What is it is swahili?… (*****) juu?” posed Tuju, causing the audience to burst in laughter.

Below are some of the comments from Kenyans on Twitter about Wahome’s stuttered explanation of the bottom-up model:

Cate Waruguru.
Give it a go. We will wait

— Edwin Sifuna (@edwinsifuna) July 28, 2021

— Donald B Kipkorir (@DonaldBKipkorir) July 28, 2021

— Amakanji Thomas (@AmakanjiThomas) July 28, 2021

ALICE WAHOME: "Teacher, teacher, here."

TEACHER: "Yes, Alice. You're the only intelligent Tangatanga person I can see here. Tell us."

— Gabriel Oguda (@gabrieloguda) July 28, 2021

— Mukami Mungai (@Mukami_Mungai) July 28, 2021

— Abuga Makori EGH, MBE (@abuga_makori) July 28, 2021


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