Aga Khan University Hospital can now attend to patients at home; how it works

Rashid Khalani, CEO Aga Khan Hospital, Nairobi.

Patients seeking health care services from Aga Khan University Hospital now have an option to have doctors visiting their houses, instead of making long trips to physical medical facilities. 

Launched on February 15, 2024, Aga Khan University Hospital home care services are aimed at offering patients and caregivers a flexible mode of accessing quality healthcare. 

Citizen Digital featured Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi CEO Rashid Khalani on the Trailblazers show, where he explains the value that the home care service will offer patients. 

Khalani says the project which began as a pilot programme in 2022, will see oncology patients, those in palliative care and others with chronic illnesses do not lack the care they need because of inconveniences. 

The home care service, the CEO says, will also be a relief for caregivers, who have had to interrupt their daily routines to care for patients in hospitals. 

The project was inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic time when hospitals were deserted since patients feared being infected. 

“It doesn’t mean people were not getting sick. As soon as vaccinations came, patients were back to hospitals. But what we saw is that patients came back sicker. God forbid, if another pandemic happens, we do not want people to hold back on their healthcare,” Khalani says. 

The CEO explains that rather than patients reaching out to hospitals, they thought of going to their homes and providing the care that they need. 

“If you are a 80/90-year old patient on palliative care, you really do not have to be in a hospital bed. You can stay with your family, enjoy your remaining days with your grandchildren, and we will be there to help you,” Khalani says. 

The CEO assures that the hospital will maintain quality health services in homes and teach home caregivers best practices. 

“The physician looking after the patients within the hospital will remain the primary doctor even if the patient is being treated at home,” he adds. 

With electronic systems that the hospital uses to manage patient records, doctors do not have to carry large files when visiting patient homes. 

“If a nurse is going to a patient’s home, their medical history is available on the click of a button. That ensures consistency of care,” Khalani says, assuring patients of affordability of the programme. 

The home care services are currently available in Nairobi, with Aga Khan University Hospital planning to spread it out to other parts of the country. 

Patients who have not been treated at the hospital before can also request for the home care services. On the other hand, those who have been treated can be recommended to take request for home care services. 

“Right now we are providing nursing care for 12/24 hours, there is a nutritionist, physiotherapy support, home medication, and home lab. You get your records on the phone,” he says. 


Aga Khan University Hospital Home care services

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