Airtel offers free internet access for students in Kenya

Airtel offers free internet access for students in Kenya

Airtel Kenya has responded to the government’s directive to close schools to avoid the spread of Coronavirus in the country by partnering with Longhorn Publishers to offer free internet access on its network to enable students continue learning through the Longhorn e-learning Platform.

This will be accessible to Airtel subscribers only.

Airtel is doing this as part of its commitment to empowering the students using its technology and ensuring that students remain positively engaged in their learning process despite not being able to attend regular classroom sessions with their teachers at school in these trying times.

It is notable that many parents are struggling to keep up with their work from home while worrying about the progression of learning and positive engagement of their children.

Therefore, they are spending valuable time searching for learning sites and activities for their children.

The company realizes the need to make life easier for parents, while keeping the hopes and dreams of hundreds of thousands of school-going children alive by enabling them the freedom to connect to the world of information.

This will help them continue learning while out of school, and open up a new world of opportunities for their future.

Airtel Kenya’s MD, Prasanta Das Sarma pointed out that a good number of students are already using the portal since its launch two days ago.

“I would be delighted to receive feedback on their experience with the hope that the offer will ease the pressure on parents, allowing them time to achieve more while working at home during this unprecedented period while the students learn from home,” he said.

The Longhorn e-learning platform that enables students to study and revise online is available through the web link for all Airtel data subscribers from today until the time the schools are reopened.

The material can also be accessed on SMS, Android and Windows mobile platforms.


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