Animal activists want slaughter of donkeys banned over low numbers

Animal activists want slaughter of donkeys banned over low numbers

Animal rights activists are calling on the government to ban the slaughter of donkeys in the country claiming the practice was decimating the number of donkeys at alarming rate.

The lobby groups allege that the use of donkey meat and skin use in Chinese medicine has greatly affected African populations of the species.

It is reported that donkey skins are exported to China to make a traditional medicine known as ejiao, which is believed to improve blood circulation, slow ageing, and boost libido and fertility.

However, after the opening of the Mogotio and Naivasha donkey slaughterhouses, the number of donkeys is reported to have decreased alarmingly and activists now want the exercise halted.

Speaking during a sensitization and donkey treatment exercise in Nyandarua County, Dr. Simon Topisio a veterinary officer working with the KENDAT-Heshimu Punda Organization said donkey slaughtering has contributed immensely to some of the challenges facing the beasts of burden.

He observed that live donkeys were more beneficial than dead ones hence the government should rescind the decision on their slaughter noting that the animals do no breed as fast as other animals and hence their populations would continue to decrease.

He at the same time challenged farmers to improve on the care they give to the animals in order rip maximum benefits from them.

He said donkeys ought to be treated well and given proper health care and feeds like other animals.

Karanja Wamiti a resident veterinarian asked donkey owners to treat donkeys well claiming majority of them mistreat them which is against the law.

Donkeys, he said also require their hooves trimmed, fed well and de-wormed like any other animal.

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