Audit report reveals misuse of CDF funds in Kimili, Aldai constituencies

A report by the State Department for Public Works has exposed the risks sections of learners in schools in Kimilili and Aldai constituencies are facing due to shoddy workmanship during the construction of classes.

The reports indicate that classrooms in 10 out of 12 schools in Kimilili are structurally unsound, while one in the Aldai constituency is unfit for habitation.

The audit of the infrastructure projects funded through the Constituency Development Fund in the two constituencies was commissioned last year by the National Government CDF board after members of the public from the two constituencies complained about the quality of work done.

In the results which vindicate the public, the report shows how contractors charged with constructing the classrooms are not executing their jobs to the required standards

Out of 12 schools audited in Kimilili Constituency, only Sango Baptist and Kamusinde RC Primary Schools had buildings that were structurally sound.

Ten schools including Kamukuywa, Bituyu SA Nasianda, Shikendu, Namawanga DEB, Kimilili RC and DEB, Kamusinde FYM and Kamaseile FYM and Daraja Mungu Primary Schools had structures that were not structurally sound and required remedial action.

Two classrooms in Lutonyi and five in Chesamisi Primary Schools were condemned. 

In Aldai Constituency, one school, Kimaren Secondary, had structures that were so unsound that the Department of Works condemned them.

The report shows that the contracts were often implemented without following due process; for instance, a number of them were executed without any bill of quantities, or architectural and structural plans, compromising the outcome of the constructions.

In other cases, the scope of work to be implemented was changed from construction to renovation.

Buko RC primary school was set for the construction of classrooms at the cost of Ksh.12 million. Instead, renovations valued at Ksh.4.6 million were carried out by the contractor, Laughing Stock Engineering Limited.

The report flags among other things, general poor workmanship and the fact that in nearly all projects, there were neither structural drawings nor qualified supervision for storied structures.

There was also no proof that material quality tests or concrete tests were carried out on all the projects.

Several projects were found to have cracks on their floors, leaking roofs, sagging slabs and sections of the walls, columns and even first-floor slabs, compromising their stability and endangering the lives of thousands of children in these schools.

The report also noted that several classrooms had vibrating walls, staircases and first-floor slabs.

The report released late last month, recommends that some of the structures be reinforced to strengthen them, and replacement of roofs amongst other repairs.


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