BBI: Drama as fiery Murkomen lashes out at Bomas

BBI: Drama as fiery Murkomen lashes out at Bomas

Senate Majority leader Kipchumba Murkomen has stirred political waters lashing out at the manner in which the event was being run on Wednesday.

Murkomen accused ODM legislator Junet Mohammed of bias, terming most of the speakers as expressing insincere sentiments.

“Your excellency, we must have an honest discussion here; Junet even the way you are running the program.. It will be a lie for me to leave this stage without saying that this program has been skewed to leave other people out who have different opinions,” said Murkomen.

He was speaking during the launch of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report at the Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi.

The fiery Senator insisted that for a united and honest nation, there was need to accept different views as pertains to the BBI report.

“We must say it as it is! If we are going to build an honest Kenya then we must be able to put our views on the ground and it starts with who mobilised the people who came to this podium! Because if this podium will be used to lecture other people and give other people views, we must come out and speak,” he said.

Despite the jeering crowd, the Elgeyo Marakwet legislator insisted that leaders should never be allowed to sanitize politics at the expense of Kenyans.

” There is no way I will be told as a leader in this country that I will be expected to sanitize politics in this nation and our voices are not going to be not heard when we speak,” said Murkomen.

The visibly irate Murkomen condemned what he termed as exclusion during the event saying that every leader has a right to be heard.

“As leaders who have come here to seek for national unity and to say that this is not about politics of exclusion of other people, I demand to be heard and my views be heard and my views to be heard just like any other citizen of the Republic of Kenya,” said Murkomen.

His ardent speech forced BBI team leader Yusuf Haji to intervene and ask the jeering crowd to show respect.

Haji told the audience that they must allow Murkomen to speak and share his opinion.

Murkomen then continued, acknowledging that while he had earlier on been skeptical about the BBI, he was indeed proud of the document.

” I slept at 4am reading the 15-page document and I must say to Senator Haji and your team that I am very proud,”said Murkomen.

He reiterated the Senate’s commitment to strengthen devolution and send resources to the grassroots for people at the local level get an opportunity to do business.

” We will prioritize not the positions for the big boys but for the opportunities for the young people, tea farmers, coffee farmer and every citizen of this country to have an opportunity,” said Murkomen.


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