BBI proposes the creation of the office of Prime Minister and two deputies

BBI proposes the creation of the office of Prime Minister and two deputies

President Uhuru Kenyatta could be the first and last occupier of the country’s top job under the pure presidential system of governance adopted by Kenyans in 10 years ago.

The BBI task force is recommending a departure from the presidential model of governance, and a return to the hybrid architecture of government, ostensibly to enhance inclusivity in management of the country…

The BBI is proposing expanded executive which includes the president, deputy president, prime minister and two Deputy Prime ,Ministers.

The premier, if the BBI recommendation sail through, will be the leader of government business in the National Nssembly, whose core task will be overseeing government legislative agenda in the August House and supervising government operations in the Ministries and State Departments.

The Prime Minister will be a Member of Parliament, and leader of the party or coalition with a majority in the national assembly.

The premier will be appointed by the president, subject to confirmation by the National Assembly and can be sacked by the Had of State or ejected through a successful motion of impeachment.

The two Deputy Prime ministers will be appointed by the president, and picked from among members of the Cabinet.

Other than managing their respective ministerial dockets, the two Deputy Prime Ministers will deputise the premier in execution of various functions, but will only receive one salary.

They will serve at the president’s pleasure.

The BBI report has also proposed changes in the model of Cabinet appointments and composition.

This includes a change of name from cabinet secretaries to cabinet ministers.

The president will also be able to appoint members of the National Assembly to be ministers, and technocrats handed ministerial flags will also become ex-officio members of the National Assembly…

To avoid a feeling of being left out after losing in the State House race, the 1st runners up in the presidential election will be handed the leader of official opposition seat.

The opposition chief will be nominated to the National Assembly, and facilitated through taxpayers resources to lead his or her troops from the August House.



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