Bidco Africa changes logo in solidarity with Kenyans

A global pandemic has befallen the people of Kenya with many losing hope of what tomorrow holds and many are still pondering on how to respond. BIDCO Africa, a Kenyan company that has always been at the forefront of building the Kenyan economy, has come to the frontline by changing its colours to reflect on what unites Kenyans. “We affirm our continued commitment to stand by all Kenyans and the world at large, to provide unwavering support and together, through giving hope of a better tomorrow, that we will come out of the coronavirus pandemic, a stronger people and a steadfast Kenya,” said Dr. Vimal Shah, BIDCO Africa Chairman The colours have pride and represent a journey of a struggle and eventual achievement. BIDCO Africa has come up with the renewed look and campaign to support and show solidarity to the people of Kenya that will resonate with the hearts of every Kenyan igniting hope. BIDCO Africa is extending the efforts and initiatives it has led countrywide to help support and build hope among Kenyans, at a time when the nation is undergoing trying and testing moments. For three weeks now, the company has supported community outreach initiatives countrywide of approximately Ksh.35 million in efforts to provide food and improve hygiene and sanitation amongst the most vulnerable groups with dire needs in the community and will continue to provide necessary support going forward. At a time when the entire nation is hard hit, BIDCO is taking to the frontline in a bold move to assure Kenyans that there is hope amidst the challenges, hope that Kenyans, though together apart, are a steadfast people united by the unity of the Kenyan colours that we all pride in. BIDCO has been among the frontline players from day one who have assisted in the efforts to help stop a further spread of the virus. This saw the company move swiftly to put in strict measures in its operations to safeguard all stakeholders internally and externally in line and in full compliance with the government directives and guidelines. The activities of goodwill saw BIDCO initiate strategic partnerships with public and private sector players who share the same interests and beliefs of gratitude to the people who need care at this time. BIDCO championed a handwashing station drive in Thika and environs, setting up stations in Korogocho slums to serve the 9 villages in Kenya’s second largest slum while also providing free hygiene products to residents in Kiambu, Machakos and Nairobi’s estates. Food provisions to vulnerable groups being of essence during this time, BIDCO has, for three weeks now, donated food and hygiene products to more than 6,000 street families in Nairobi, donations to Kibra slums as well as partnerships that have donated to children homes, homes for the elderly persons, and rehabilitation centres. With the Government’s recent announcement of a well-coordinated and organized donations drive, BIDCO partnered together with the Visa Oshwal Community & the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund. These initiatives have seen more than 57 NGO’s and groups receive foodstuff, hygiene products and other essentials for the past three weeks as the community continues to rally for additional support from its stakeholders and open to the public. Going forward there will be ongoing donations to many more organizations. With the company’s established route to market countrywide, BIDCO has supported more than 400 distributors across the country with mobile hand washing stations placed at their premises, providing sufficient antibacterial handwash for use by the customers and visitors in the various areas. The compassionate and patriotic actions by the company also seek to inspire and rally other corporates and players to join hands in moves that will put the country first during these unprecedented times.

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