Bidco extends handwashing drive to 9 villages in Korogocho

Bidco extends handwashing drive to 9 villages in Korogocho

As part of the renewed fights to help fight a further spread of the pandemic Corona Virus, Bidco has issued 50 handwashing units to Ghetto classics, the flagship program of the Arts of Music Foundation that is based in the Korogocho slums.

Since washing hands is one of the ways that has been put out as a measure to contain the virus, Bidco will also provide soap to be used at the villages.

The initiative with Ghetto Classics will be championed by the 500 children who are part of the group that provides the youth with initiatives to better themselves in the community. This is done through life skills that eventually they roll out to others in the slum that has close to 300,000 residents.

This adds to the company’s running measures in place to join the nation in combating the virus that includes internal measures of staff members, suppliers, food and hygiene products issued to street families in Nairobi as well as a partnership with Thika Water and Sewerage Company (THIWASCO) that has established handwashing areas in Thika and its environs.

For weeks now, Ghetto classics has been running a funds drive to help the community establish provision of clean water and the stations but through Bidco Africa Chairman Dr. Vimal Shah, the company offered to donate the handwashing stations.

Ghetto Classics was founded in 2009 and seeks to create oneness and harmony between the community and the beneficiaries through sustainable projects and socio-economic development programs, making music a part of the culture.

First Lady Margret Kenyatta is the patron of the group that has managed to bring the races and communities together to be part of a formidable foundation.

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