Bill seeking to abolish KCPE, KCSE in Parliament

Bill seeking to abolish KCPE, KCSE in Parliament

Kenyans could soon forget what has been the most dreaded and also anticipated exams in the country if Parliament passes the Basic Education Amendment Bill, which seeks to, among other things, scrap the KCSE and KCPE exams.

The amendments may bring about a major shift in Kenya’s education system if the Bill is supported in Parliament.

The Amendment Bill sets in motion what could signal the single most fundamental change in the education system in Kenya.

Karachuonyo MP James Rege, now seeks to get rid of the KCPE and KCSE exams.

“We must get rid of those and replace them by every year mandatory exams which the kids do, so every year they just simply average the annual exams,” said Rege.

The amendments in the Basic Education Amendment Bill 2014 propose end year progress exams for pupils in primary schools and students in secondary schools, and that yearly progress exam reports should then computed and averaged to arrive at the pupils or students final grade which will be used to ensure the pupils go to secondary schools and secondary school students progress to universities.

“If kids cram for exams every four years, then they are not learning anything but by doing exams every year they learn something,” added Rege.

The amendments propose the system to begin in 2016, with those in class five to class eight continue to do KCPE while those in class four and below start doing the yearly exams.

In secondary school it proposes those joining form one should begin the yearly exams and those in form two and beyond should be the last lot to do the KCSE exams.

The amendment also proposes the establishment of talent academies in all counties, to provide avenues of those endowed with extra-curricular abilities after secondary education.

School rankings during national exams has already been abolished in Kenya, and the debate on scrapping national exams has been ongoing.

The Amendment Bill is waiting to be slotted for debate in the National Assembly.

Hussein Mohammed contributed to this article


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