Bizarre Jumia orders butt of jokes for Kenyan customers

Bizarre Jumia orders butt of jokes for Kenyan customers

Jumia, an online retailer, was on Wednesday the subject of anger and mockery online after an incident allegedly involving a Kenyan customer.

The customer identified as Galgalo Nanjie expressed her outrage after receiving a strand of hair she said she thought was to be a full wig.

“Heh ! So Jumia this is the kind of rubbish you do ?? I ordered a full lace Brazillian wig and you bring a ****** STRAND ????? What the actual hell ?????” she posed.

As at 11am on Thursday, her post had drawn over 1,100 retweets and 2,300 likes.

A spot check by Citizen Digital revealed that individual sellers on Jumia have products tagged from as low as Ksh. 693 to as high as Ksh. 370,180.

They are a mix of local and international sellers.

Though a few Kenyans empathized with Galgalo’s predicament, most made fun saying she should have expected it because no genuine Brazilian wig costs Ksh. 500.

“Wah! I don’t even know what’s making me laugh more here… The audacity of Jumia, picturing the Jumia worker actually taking their good time out of their day to package a hairstrand, or our good sis for buying a human hair wig for Ksh. 500,” one Lady Valerie said.

Another Twitter user, @futuristic_dan added: “Human hair wig ata river road hawauzi 500 bana uyo ngeus ni fala ata hafai kulaumu Jumia.”

“There is a person at Jumia chopping a wig into strands to send ONE STRAND to a customer. Pure evil exists,” Esther Kute said.

“To be fair to Jumia, did she expect a fully laced Brazilian wig to cost 500ksh?” Charlie Yahyoh posed.

Jumia is yet to respond to the claims.

The incident also sparked response from another supposedly dissatisfied client who alleged that he had ordered a dining set only to receive a set of toys.

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In the past two weeks, Jumia has exited the Tanzania and Cameroon markets on the grounds that it intends to consolidate its resources in the ‘larger markets’.

Reports however indicate that Jumia could be struggling, especially in countries that have made very little progress with digital banking.



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