CCTV footage unmasks main suspect behind Roysambu Airbnb killing

CCTV footage unmasks main suspect behind Roysambu Airbnb killing

Monday morning, detectives from Kasarani Police Station visited the scene in Roysambu where a 20-year-old girl was killed in a gruesome manner and her body parts dumped in a trash bin.

The probe this time round focuses on CCTV footage near the building which houses an Airbnb where the suspect allegedly committed the act on Saturday night before escaping.

For more than six hours detectives moved from house to house, shop to shop in search of evidence to help trace the suspect who is still at large.

CCTV footage obtained by Citizen TV and which is being studied by detectives captured the suspect moments before he allegedly committed the crime.

In the clip captured around 4:20 pm on Saturday, the suspect is seen walking while talking on the phone outside a shop adjacent to the building where the body parts were found.

He walks straight to the cashier and hands him his phone before the cashier gives him a key and hands back his phone.

Holding firmly in his hand was a black bag. The suspect who was wearing a white cap and spectacles appeared to be in a hurry. He returned after five minutes and handed over the payment to the cashier before leaving.

This was the last time the suspect was captured. He was expected to return the keys on Sunday morning but failed to do so.

The proprietor of the Airbnb property, Risper Muthoni, said she received a call from the caretaker who discovered body parts inside the trash bag in the house.

The remains which were taken to City Mortuary have since been identified positively by the family of the deceased who declined to talk to the media and said they are still waiting for police to conclude investigations.

Sources told Citizen TV that the 20-year-old girl had intimated to a friend that she had gone to have dinner with a friend in Roysambu but failed to turn up a day after and her phone was switched off.

The incident which comes two weeks after another woman Starlet Wahu was killed inside a house in South B and the suspect John Matara has prompted the government to issue new directives to private security officers guarding residential areas, Airbnbs, hotels and lodgings.

In the directive signed by Private Security Regulatory Authority CEO Fazul Mahamed, private security officers have been directed to ask persons visiting premises to identify themselves, register the time of entrance and exit and retain temporarily the identification document.

They are also required to record the identification details, maintain a current and accurate log of all vehicles, rickshaws and motorcycles, maintain a register of all private security officers providing private security services in those premises, ensure CCTVs are working, maintain an updated Access Control Policy and maintain a security occurrence book to record daily incidents.

In the new rules, identification documents are to be returned to the visitor at the point of exit and should not be used for any other purpose.

Failure to observe the directives will lead to the cancellation of license and prosecution.  


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