Chinese University Offers Degree In Bra Studies

Chinese University Offers Degree In Bra Studies

A degree in bra studies can be attained at Hong Kong's Polytechnic University.

China's biggest lingerie manufacturer, Top Form, has a bra lab at its factory.

The company makes more than 60 million bras a year for well-known labels such as Victoria's Secret, Playtex and Maidenform.

It offers a degree course with the title ‘Intimate Textiles and Accessories’. It is a course about lingerie. Part of the course includes visiting a factory and the bra surgery.

Joanne Yip, a Proffesor, says that she engages the students in an activity known as Bra Surgery in  which she asks them to employ scissors in cutting off real bras followed by answering a coupel of questions regarding its components.

Yip adds that she gives the students ‘a chance to study a real bra carefully and to identify its components and materials’. 


Analyse and critic bras

For instance here’s more on what the course offers, according to the website: 

"Intimate apparel is one of the recently blooming local industry that demands new blood who can think sharp, analytically and creatively. To facilitate the development of these higher order thinking skills, I have engaged students in a blend of authentic tasks to nourish their knowledge, practice their skills and more importantly, confront their thinking so as to help them achieve the outcomes of higher order thinking skills and generic abilities." 

The Wall Street Journal reports Top Form has been experimenting with various types of padding to give the bust a boost.

They have tried air, but like tires it was prone to flats. Oil-filled pads were too expensive and heavy.

Now, the company is trying a filling made from a thin type of fiberfill, the stuffing used in ski parkas.

"Funny, but you wouldn't believe what is involved in designing a bra. I used to work for a company that knitted and dyed tricot and lace to the biggies in bra manufacturing (Warnaco, Playtex, et al). They had much tighter specs on the material designated for bras than for the stuff that went into panties and other lingerie. Crap like "modulus of elasticity has to be X + or – x% in one direction, and Y + or – y% 90 degrees from the first direction," said the Website.

Now you know  it’s time to Major In Bra Studies.

By Tom Omulo.



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