'Cocaine will ruin you...you're addicted to bhang,' Sakaja and Babu Owino in war of words over scorecard

'Cocaine will ruin you...you're addicted to bhang,' Sakaja and Babu Owino in war of words over scorecard

Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja and Embakasi East Member of Parliament Babu Owino have for the last 24 hours come to blows on social media censuring each other over service delivery in the city. 

The two legislators have had the streets of X, formerly Twitter, aflame with slurs over Sakaja's scorecard in his first year in office.

The tussle was evoked by a media publication on Friday which reported that Sakaja was ranked among the worst-performing Governors.

Babu then commented on the post on Saturday firing at Sakaja with claims that all he does in office is embezzling county funds and purchase homes overseas.

"Sakaja is an embarrassment to the People of Nairobi. How can you be ranked last out of 47 Counties? Kazi ni Kuiba pesa Za Nairobi County and buying Houses in America, London and Dubai," wrote Babu.

"In addition to that he’s increasing taxes to Nairobians. Even dead bodies are now taxed. Nairobi imeisha, Dimples ndio imebaki. Imekataa kuwork."

A subsequent report published by another media outlet conveyed the same to which prominent lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi reacted, terming it a fake report.

Governor Sakaja then reacted to Ahmednasir's sentiment, arguing that Nairobi has experienced one of the major transformations under the new government.

Just to mention a few he listed the gains he has made so far and, adding that "high-sounding headlines are incongruent with what the ground is like".

"I see such ratings and laugh. Nairobi has collected the highest revenue in 5 years, paid 7,640 Community Health Volunteers (CHVs) monthly from August last year, built first ICU, 2nd renal unit, 1st NICU ever, employed 2,500 Green Army, built 10 kitchens to feed 250k children already 88k on boarded, tarmacked roads, put up street lights, issued bursaries and scholarships worth Ksh.1B (compared to Ksh.3B in 10 years) bursaries issued every school term now for the first time," he wrote.

He added that he has increased ward-based projects to Ksh.23 million per ward from Ksh.17 million, built markets and restarted projects stalled for the last 6 years among other projects.

His rant was not yet over as he added that he has reconstituted all hospital boards and employed CEOs for all Level 5 hospitals, paid legacy KEMSA debt (Ksh.185M) and restored Ksh.244 million worth supplies to all facilities. 

"...completion of stalled stadia (Dandora) and commenced works on city stadium, Woodley, Mwiki etc., awarded PPP Waste to Energy (45MW) Dandora, completing water projects to add 140 million liters per day plus secured funding (€100million) for Northern collector 2 and Maragua 4 to add an additional 220 million litres to the people; the list is endless," he said.

In a swift rebuttal, Babu dismissed Sakaja's sentiments as lies, claiming that the ward-based funds are much less than what he had claimed to have disbursed to MCAs.

"Stop lying you gave MCAs 1200 bursary forms at 5k each which amounts to 6 million shillings not Ksh.23M which you are claiming. Every ward is supposed to get 23m shillings per year for bursaries, where’s the Ksh.17M shillings per ward for 85 wards= Ksh.1.4B shillings?" posed Babu.

Replying in a fiery tone, Sakaja tried to give a breakdown of how the money had been disbursed while also censuring Babu for misrepresenting facts.

"If you removed the white stuff you are stuffing up your nose, you’d realize there’s a difference between bursaries and Ward-based Development Funds (WDF)," wrote Sakaja.

"Bursaries are Ksh.7M per ward (85 wards). (Ksh.2.5M term 1, Ksh.2.5M term 2 and Ksh.2M term 3). Up from Ksh.4.5M. Every ward is getting WDF of Ksh.23 Million for Development not bursaries. Up from Ksh.17M."

Babu, who was already party to the bare-knuckle brawl, replied with an offensive further digressing away from the county administration censure, delving into private matters.

"You said in your previous post that you gave bursaries worth Ksh.23M shillings in every ward. You are nothing in the intellectual parlance hence should stop misusing numbers, we are not in TEAM-building activities. You have stolen a lot from Nairobi county and addicted to alcohol and Bhang," he said.

"For the white stuff, I stopped its consumption but you are advised to stop being a girlfriend we have more than enough ladies in Kenya. Catfish. The day you went for liposuction you also melted your brain cells."

Keyboards now ready for a chaotic garble, Sakaja responded while accusing MP Babu of being a cocaine user more reason as to why he is making unhinged statements.

He also threatened to release receipts revealing how Babu has been involved in county funds embezzlement before.

"You’re clearly still high. You stopped when? A few minutes ago? Stop completely bro, cocaine will ruin you. Which post did I mention Ksh.23M per ward for bursaries? Show us," he said.

Sakaja also fronted the time he "rescued" Babu from detention during the pre-handshake political season despite them being from two political rivals.

"I came through, despite the political risk, and removed you from that cell at Parklands Police Station. I’ll still do the same and rescue you from your current illusions of grandeur. See the hope in your eyes in the picture that day. Even in the current case that I assure you is still evolving; I gotchu," he said. 

"Again, visit any of our facilities including Tassia Kwa Ndege, where I’ve reclaimed land stolen under your watch as MP. Visit them and you’ll get support against cocaine addiction. We’ve also build the first rehab at Sinai, VIWANDANI."

The fight between the two lies on the backdrop of a tussle for the Nairobi Gubernatorial seat to which MP Owino has expressed confidence in clinching in the 2027 General Election. 

Babu believes he has whatever it takes to unseat Sakaja for the much coveted City Hall seat in the next polls, should the incumbent county boss choose to take another stab at the position.

He has even said that Sakaja is only there to warm the seat for him.


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