Cop arrested in Embu for raiding a station & destroying the OB

Cop arrested in Embu for raiding a station & destroying the OB

A police officer who appeared drunk is said to have entered Embu Police Station reporting office on Saturday before tearing the Occurrence Book (OB) to shreds while his colleagues looked on in disbelief.

As officers on duty watched, the officer described as Arnold Ngugi walked to the report office while completely inebriated, seized the OB, and began tearing it apart.

The officer is alleged to have reprimanded his coworkers for attempting to wrestle him away from the book,claiming that he understands his rights and that nothing will happen to him.

Other cops however pounced on him as he continued on the rampage, wrestling him to the ground, arresting and booking him in the cells while he was wasted.

The records that were destroyed in the acts were from July 17 to August 13 and detailed reported incidents number 52 to 88.

The torn pieces from the book were kept as exhibit ahead of his arraignment in court on Monday, August 16.

Meanwhile, the Independent Police Oversight Authority is expected to release the outcome of investigation into the murders of two brothers who were found dead, shortly after their arrests and detention in Embu.

The deaths of the two sparked protests in Embu and online, with Kenyans demanding justice for the brothers.




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