Coronavirus: Kenyan envoy to China Sarah Serem now seeks ‘divine intervention’

Coronavirus: Kenyan envoy to China Sarah Serem now seeks ‘divine intervention’

Kenya’s Ambassador to China Sarah Serem, despite traveling back to the East Asian country, is yet to offer assistance to over 100 Kenyan students stuck in Hubei province, the epicentre of the coronavirus.

And, as the deadly virus continues to spread and kill many, Serem has opted to seek divine intervention, asking God to watch over Kenyans in Wuhan.

Invoking her experiences in her long standing career in public service, Serem said the coronavirus had presented her with the toughest moments of her life.

“Going through the daily updates of the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, reading the number of infections, number of deaths, those in critical condition, and in Wuhan where I have close to a hundred students, sends a chill down my spine,” the envoy said in part.

Kenyan students have been calling on the government asking to be evacuated, but the government has insisted that Kenyans in Wuhan are better of in the Chinese city which is on a lockdown.

In what seems to be an admission that an evacuation is not coming the students’ way anytime soon, Serem directed her energies towards the Most High God.

Seemingly speaking to the creator, Serem said in a message, “Insulate every of my children in Wuhan and put a wall of fire around each one of them.”

She added that the coronavirus has changed her world, further talking about the anxiety and emotional appeal shown by the students locked in the epicentre of the deadly virus.

Her message read: “I embrace every student in Wuhan as my child and part of my family. Every breath of my life is a whisper of prayer for each Kenyan locked up at the centre of the virus, I think of Olivia, the pregnant girl, think of Kevin and his family, his pregnant wife and little 3 year old baby girl.”

“I think of the team of student leadership, who on daily basis have to bear and address every emotional moments of the students; I think of Wamboi, who’s alone in her university and has nobody to reach out to.”

Serem’s statement comes at a time the World Health Organization (WHO) has urged governments to step up their efforts to prepare for the virus.


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