Coronavirus: Kenyans urged to report retailers who hike product prices

Coronavirus: Kenyans urged to report retailers who hike product prices

The Government has warned manufacturers and retailers against hiking prices of commodities in the wake of Kenya announcing its first coronavirus case.

In press statement on Friday, Competition Authority of Kenya said such acts are in contravention with Section 21(1) of the constitution.

“It has come to the attention of the Authority that following a pronouncement by the Government of a confirmed coronavirus disease (COVID-19) case, some manufacturers and retailers are contemplating collusive increases of prices and/or hoarding with the intention of subsequently increasing prices of various consumer goods,” the statement reads.

Parties found culpable of either of the acts will attract a penalty of up to ten per cent of their respective turnover.

Kenyans who suspect that certain retailers may have hiked prices have been asked to report the matter to CAK.

CAK offices are located at the Kenya Railways Staff Retirement Benefit Scheme Block D, 1st Floor.

On Friday, the Ministry of Health confirmed that a Kenyan who had returned from the United States via London had tested positive for the coronavirus.

Almost immediately, photos on social media showed Kenyans at different shopping outlets: they had turned up in droves following news of the coronavirus patient.

There have been claims that disinfectants and hand-sanitizers have gone out of stock in some stores.

Other stores are also said to have limited the number of sanitizers to two per person.

The latest comes after a government directive asking Kenyans to exercise hygiene, practice self-quarantine when necessary and avoid crowded places.

To stay safe, Kenyans have been advised to wash hands with soap and running water or douse their palms with alcohol-based sanitizers.

Additionally, to avoid the risk of the spread, Kenyans have been advised against touching their face, shaking hands and coming into close contact with patients



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