Curfew extended, public gatherings banned in new containment measures

Curfew extended, public gatherings banned in new containment measures

The government has extended the daily 10pm to 4am curfew indefinitely, to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the county.

The new curfew rules will also apply to the Lake Region counties that had been placed under stricter protocols following a spike in cases.

In an update on COVID-19 containment measures in the country, Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe on Friday stated infections from the more virulent delta form have spread across the country.

Other counties, including Kiambu, Kajiado, Lamu Nairobi, Muranga, and even Tana River, have seen an alarming surge in cases, according to the Health Ministry’s boss.

During the briefing, CS Kagwe announced a 30-day ban on all public gatherings, including office meetings.

According to CS Kagwe, events, especially political ones had emerged as superspreaders.

“When you call a political gathering in a street where people are many is it super spreading. There is no point in carrying the rallies, then we have more deaths then we go to the funerals and then cause more deaths,” CS Kagwe said.

While places of worship have been allowed to operate, the Ministry of Health urged the relevant parties to ensure compliance with  MoH guidelines.

Meanwhile, employers have been asked to allow employees to work from home, with the exception of those in crucial sectors.

Burials will have to be carried out within 72 hours following death confirmation, according to the new containment measures.

According to CS Kagwe, the Ministry of Interior would convene meetings to discuss the best ways to ensure that just the 50 guests allowed at funerals are present.

According to Kagwe, one of the ways that advances gained in the pandemic fight were being lost was through crowding at funerals.

“If we do not take care of ourselves, then our hospital systems will be overwhelmed and at that point, there is nothing the doctors will be able to do,” CS Kagwe said.

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