Defiant Museveni laughs off U.S. sanctions on warlord

Defiant Museveni laughs off U.S. sanctions on warlord

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has rubbished sanctions from the American Government against General Kale Kayihura.

VOA reported that Museveni said if Kayihura has any charges to answer to, it will be handled in Uganda.

“For the Opposition that is celebrating U.S. sanctions , it simply shows how poor the quality of their spectacles are, when it comes to issues of Uganda and Africa,” he said over the weekend.

Museveni who has ruled Uganda for over three decades said his government will never hand over any Ugandan to the International Criminal Court.

This even though his country is party to the ICC statutes.

Gen. Kayihura was sanctioned over alleged violation of human rights when he was the country’s top police boss between 2005 and 2018.

The United States Government has since blocked Kayihura’s assets and imposed a travel ban on him and his family member.

He is also accused of corruption and bribery.

“What would be disappointing is to hear that Kale had investments in the USA that his children go to see. That would be treason. Investments in the USA when Uganda needs investments? I do not have and will never have a single investment outside Uganda,” added Museveni.


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