DP Ruto defends choice of the wheelbarrow as symbol of his UDA party

DP Ruto defends choice of the wheelbarrow as symbol of his UDA party

Deputy President William Ruto has continued to popularise his hustler movement saying the concept has already revolutionised the country’s politics by shifting the 2022 succession conversation from personality and self preservation politics to economic ideas that will transform the nation.

The DP, who attended a Sunday church service at the Global Cathedral Church in Lang’ata before proceeding to Kajiado, fired a warning shot that the hustler movement will produce the country’s next leader.

Ruto hit out at his perceived 2022 presidential race competitors saying they are playing catch up if not copying his trend.

“Siku hizi ata wametambua ati kuna Mungu, wanaenda kanisani…siku hizi wamejua ya kwamba mjadala imebadilika, saa hizi ni mambo ya uchumi, sio mambo ya kubadilisha katiba tena,” he said.

“The hustler movement has transcended communities and regions and is the largest movement in Kenya of very ordinary people, and many people did not expect that the next leadership of Kenya is going to come from the most unlikely quota of the hustler movement.”

The leader of the self-christened hustler movement epitomised by the wheelbarrow as a symbol of the grouping was critical of those opposed to it.

The deputy president challenged those who claim the hustler movement is taking the youth for a ride to disenfranchise and impoverish them into voting machines, to instead present their portfolio to the nation.

“For those who have problems with the simplicity of the wheelbarrow, they can as well tell us about the complexity of the orange,” he stated.

Ruto challenged the youth  to stand up and be counted in the 2022 general election, saying they comprise the majority of the voting population hence hold the key to transforming the nation.

“In their hands, in their talents, in their efforts, in their knowledge, is the solution to the challenges that we face as a nation. And they need to stand up and be counted as the young people of our nation,” said the DP.


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