DP Ruto draws huge crowd in Raila’s home turf

DP Ruto draws huge crowd in Raila’s home turf

Deputy President William Ruto drew a large throng in the Kisumu backyard of his political rival, ODM leader Raila Odinga, before and after attending the day’s festivities on Tuesday.

It was a political statement for the DP who attended the event in a curious outfit; a black Afro-inspired black shirt with the inscription ‘The Hustler’ with streaks of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) colors .

At the Kondele roundabout, a multitude of people defied COVID-19 protocols-especially on social distancing to give the DP a huge welcome.

The throng outside the stadium increased with the arrival of DP and Handshake partners Raila and Uhuru, as well as other guests, with heart-stopping videos showing the presidential detail shoving and pushing ecstatic citizens as the Head of State’s convoy snaked its way to the stadium.

While the crowd flocked around the handshake partners were undoubtedly larger, pundits were fixated on the Deputy President.

A large crowd gathered in front of his motorcade, halting movement and dancing in enthusiasm as the DP waved back passionately, according to videos posted by his allies.

The second-in-command, who had been part of a protocol break earlier in the day that prompted President Uhuru to break tradition by allowing the former Prime Minister to address the delegation before him, tweeted:

“Acknowledging greetings from hustlers of Kondele, Kisumu County,” he tweeted several photos in which a huge crowd is seen.

— William Samoei Ruto, PhD (@WilliamsRuto) June 1, 2021

Senator Millicent Omanga, an ally of the DP tweeted a video of the DP stop-over in Kisumu, ensuring that the message got home, saying:

“Hustlers in Kondele, Kisumu city demand to be addressed by the chief Hustler. Thank you Kisumu,” she wrote.

— Millicent Omanga (@MillicentOmanga) June 1, 2021

Kiharu MP, another vocal DP stalwart took to social media, saying that although they respect all leaders, the DP would be President Kenyatta’s successor in 2022.

“Thank you Kisumu Hustlers. You are a true definition of where Kenya is headed. Tunaheshimu viongozi wote lakini Ruto is our President 2022. Hustlers are tribeless and Hustlers knows who they will vote for. We are African and Africa is our Business.” he wrote.

We are African and Africa is our Business.. pic.twitter.com/4qMy55Y2rU

— Ndindi Nyoro (@NdindiNyoro) June 1, 2021



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