DP Ruto: If I’m elected president I will not belittle my deputy

DP Ruto: If I’m elected president I will not belittle my deputy

Deputy President William Ruto has stated that if he is elected Kenya’s next leader, he will not belittle his deputy or  stand down as he is  disrespected particularly by low-ranking government officials.

Speaking during an interview with Inooro FM on Wednesday morning, the DP appeared  to address the latest intrigues that are perhaps an indication of his festering relationship with his boss.

“Nikipata nafasi kuwa kiongozi wa taifa, sitakubali Naibu wangu kupitia shida nimepitia wakati wangu, kuhujumiwa na maafisa wadogo serikalini,” DP Ruta said on Wednesday.

At the same time, he ruled out working with Raila Odinga of the ODM in the run-up to the 2022 General Election.

DP Ruto stated that, despite their friendship, the former Prime Minister and he have vast ideological differences.

“Siwezi shirikiana kisiasa na kiongozi wa chama cha ODM Raila Odinga, ijapokuwa ni rafiki yangu sera yangu na zake zinatofautiana,” DP Ruto said.

During the interview,  he also told off the One Kenya Alliance for attempting to water down the economic-centric discussions.

The DP has stated that he will continue to discuss the bottom-up economic model in the same way that the other parties have lobbied for constitutional amendments through the BBI.

“I will not stop talking about the bottom-up economic model, I know it is a tough conversation to have, it is difficult but necessary, I know our friends at NASA do not understand it, but we will not stop,” DP Ruto said.

The DP was also tasked with explaining why, despite being in the government for the last eight years, he had not suggested the model.

According to the DP, the work of a deputy is to advise the President, and he claims to have offered his advice especially during Jubilee’s first term when the bromance with his boss was still a tale for the books.

He also addressed his critics who were tying him to the shortcomings of the ruling party, claiming that Kenya’s best performing leader, Mwai Kibaki, was the late President Moi’s deputy.

Despite the Moi regime’s scandals, State intimidation, and graft, the second-in-command argued that when Kibaki took over, he turned things around.



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