Ex-President Mwai Kibaki mourns his predecessor Daniel arap Moi

Ex-President Mwai Kibaki mourns his predecessor Daniel arap Moi

Former President Mwai Kibaki has expressed his condolences following the passing of his predecessor, Daniel arap Moi who succumbed to illness at the Nairobi Hospital.

In his message of condolence, Kibaki recounted memories of the times he worked with Moi in government, praising the late Head of State for his “legendary mastery at thwarting crises.”

Kibaki says Moi’s ability to assert state authority saved Kenya from undergoing “disruptions and long periods of civil unrest,” that have been witnessed in other African countries.

“I have known Mzee Moi for decades and have worked with him for many years. I therefore have personal and nostalgic memories of Mzee Moi accruing from shared national platforms and responsibilities. Over time, I have had a chance to appreciate the best of Mzee Moi’s statesmanship and skillfulness in the conduct of statecraft both during the blissful and tumultuous moments that Kenya has traversed,” reads Kibaki’s statement.

“With time, his mastery at thwarting crises became legendary as was his ability to assert state authority. That is largely how Kenya stabilized as a  number of countries in the region and continent suffered disruptions and long periods of civil unrest.”

Retired President Kibaki also honored Moi for the smooth handover of power in 2002 when he (Kibaki) ascended to power.

“President Moi’s abiding charisma was best exhibited in 2002 when he oversaw an unprecedented smooth transition of power as he proceeded to his retirement. His willingness to readily usher the next Head of State remains a badge of honour on his leadership as well as statesmanship credentials,” says the retired president.

Kibaki says, both in office and after retirement, Moi remained a servant and a man of the people.

“He will be remembered for the numerous social enterprises—institutions of learning, healthcare centres included—that he extended his support to… His contribution to the Kenya we all desire is also indelibly tattooed in the annals of our national history. May the late Daniel Toroitich arap Moi rest in peace,” concludes Kibaki.


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