Fresh controversy as Azimio unleashes new data claiming Raila won 2022 elections

Fresh controversy as Azimio unleashes new data claiming Raila won 2022 elections

Jubilee Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni.

The Azimio la Umoja One Kenya Coalition has once again come out to claim that its presidential candidate in the August 9, 2022, General Election, Raila Odinga, won the contest ahead of his then competitor and now president, William Ruto.

This time referencing a report released by an alleged IEBC whistleblower, Azimio stated that Raila won the polls after garnering 8,170,355 votes ahead of Ruto who reportedly managed 5,919,973 votes.

Speaking in Nairobi on Wednesday, Jubilee Secretary General Jeremiah Kioni noted that the aforementioned report proved beyond doubt that Odinga was the victor in the August 2022 race to State House.

"59 percent of the constituencies examined showed results that cannot be verified with absolute certainty but again, in the same document, what has been verified so far shows that Raila won the elections with 8,170,355 votes representing 57.53 of the votes cast. Ruto got 5,915,973 votes representing 41.66 pc of the votes cast," said Kioni.

According to Kioni, the report shows that voting results from 144 constituencies were allegedly altered by some IEBC officials to give Ruto an edge in the contest.

"What we have seen in one of the pages is that at one point, 144 constituencies had their results verified and often at times those results are far from the results announced by IEBC," said Kioni.

He also claimed that the majority of the alleged electoral malpractices were done within the Mt Kenya region which has a notably large voter basket.  

"Most of the manipulation happened within the Mt. Kenya region," said the Jubilee Secretary General.

Kioni added that the Azimio coalition will issue a comprehensive report on the findings, allegedly compiled by NGO Vanguard Africa, once party leader Odinga returns from South Africa where he is hosting a series of meetings in his capacity as the AU High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa.

"As I said, the whistleblower is not hiding his identity. This is a study that has been done by a group known as Vanguard Africa, an NGO that partners with pro-democracy leaders across Africa," said Kioni.

"You can reach him @smith-jeffreyt. That document is available. As I said a comprehensive statement will be issued by our party leader and I ask that you take time to go through the findings before then." 


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