From menstrual cycle to Kenyan constitution: The controversial teachings of Pastor Paul Mackenzie

From menstrual cycle to Kenyan constitution: The controversial teachings of Pastor Paul Mackenzie

Controversial preacher Paul Mackenzie.

The teachings propagated by controversial cleric Paul Mackenzie have continued to raise eyebrows, with some of his bordering on outright violations human rights.

From discouraging people from accessing healthcare to castigating engagement in social activities such as watching football matches, Mackenzie’s gospel has left mouths wide open.

Relatives of some of the congregants in his church have been sharing similar scripts of how their kin operated after joining the cult-like grouping, where they either burnt all their academic credentials or sold all property before allegedly donating their proceeds to the church headed by Mackenzie.

The controversial cleric has been uploading his teachings in a YouTube channel dating back to 2017, speaking to a full congregation that cheers him as he makes pronouncements, some of which are based on the bible, and others drawn from current affairs.

Mackenzie seems to have perfected the art of instilling fear on his congregants, using snippets from stories covered by Citizen TV to drive his doomsday agenda home.

His doctrine, seemingly based on fear mongering, discarding all forms of modern healthcare, education, and food, accusing certain quarters of using social interaction forums to 'separate them from Christ'.

At one point, Mackenzie denounced the Kenyan constitution, saying it is satanic and urged his followers to oppose it.

He pointed to Article 26(IV) of the Constitution of Kenya, which talks of abortion. The article states: “Abortion is not permitted unless, in the opinion of a trained health professional, there is need for emergency treatment, or the life or health of the mother is in danger, or if permitted by any other written law.”

The preacher seemed to suggest that the constitution is allowing abortion, and told his followers the drafters of the law are keen on undermining the will of God in the country. He justified his teachings by sharing clips from the coverage of the Yes and No campaign in 2010.

In another crusade in Malindi, the controversial cleric said he was ready to go to jail for what he believed was preaching the gospel of Christ.

His pronouncements came after he was widely accused of leading his congregants astray through his controversial teachings. The pronouncements were met with welcoming cheers from the congregation.

In another subject of his teachings, Mackenzie claimed that the menstrual cycle that women experience is the work of the devil, claiming ‘periods is the devil sucking blood’. He urged his female followers to pray hard during this time so that they could skip the cycle.

He further continuously made his followers believe that all diseases could be cured through prayer and fasting, and not by seeking medication.

He prayed against diseases like cancer and HIV, headaches and poverty. His followers could throw themselves to the ground as he ‘exorcised’ the demons in them.

Religious leaders including Nyeri Archdiocese Archbishop Anthony Muheria have come out to strongly condemn the teachings by Mackenzie, urging congregations in Kenya to develop a critical mind and question some of the teachings by proclaimed leaders of religious groupings.

President William Ruto on Monday likened Mackenzie to a terrorist, saying he belongs to jail.

"What is being witnessed in Shakahola is akin to terrorism. Mr Mackenzie who acts as a pastor is in fact a terrible criminal. Terrorists use religion to advance their heinous acts. People like Mackenzie are using religion to do exactly the same thing," Ruto said.

His sentiments came after the number of bodies exhumed at Shakahola forest hit 73, with more people believed to have died following the teachings of Mackenzie.


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