UK envoy defends Godec as Kenyans say ‘hurry up and leave’

UK envoy defends Godec as Kenyans say ‘hurry up and leave’

A section of Kenyans on Thursday took to Twitter to express their sentiments over the replacement of Robert Godec as United States envoy.

Senator Kyle McCarter is set to replace Mr. Godec after his nomination that was announced on the White House website.

In a farewell message on social media, the envoy said he would continue to serve in his capacity until the U.S. Senate approves President Trump’s proposal.

— Ambassador Bob Godec (@BobGodec) March 29, 2018

His message was however not received well as evidenced by the many disparaging replies to his tweet. Some expressed their disappointment with the outgoing ambassador, with most of them telling him to pack up and leave as soon as possible. Others accused him of ignoring the deteriorating state of leadership and governance in Kenya.

— Danvas Nyabasa (@DanvasNyabasa) March 29, 2018

— Francis Olala (@OlalaFrancis) March 29, 2018

— Vitalis Kimutai (@vitskim) March 29, 2018

— Jeremiah Wanga (@WangaJeremiah) March 29, 2018

British Ambassador to Kenya Nic Hailey however came to his counterpart’s defense saying that Godec is committed to his work and will be missed.

— Nic Hailey (@HCNicHailey) March 29, 2018

Mr. Godec’s replacement comes a month after President Trump fired U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson while he was on a visit to Kenya.


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