“I will not apologise”, Ruto ally Oscar Sudi says

“I will not apologise”, Ruto ally Oscar Sudi says

Kapseret member of parliament Oscar Sudi now says he will not be apologising for his controversial anti-President Uhuru Kenyatta slur.

Speaking on Wednesday while responding to calls and demands for an apology, the legislator said he had only said the blunt truth and had not incited anyone.

“I was very surprised to see so many people agitated that I referred to women’s breasts, it is even in the bible, that was not an insult, I will apologise once people show me where I went wrong,” he said.

During the press statement, Sudi said he had not spoken on behalf of Deputy President William Ruto and asked his critics to leave Ruto out of the matter.

At the same time, he faulted ODM leader Raila Odinga accusing him of double standards.

He alluded to several instances in the past where ODM leaders among them Embakasi East MP Babu Owino insulted the president.

“I was surprised to see Raila Odinga speaking yesterday, why hadn’t he spoken when Gladys Wanga and Babu Owino insulted the president?” Sudi asked.

He added: “If there is a party that has insulted the president,  it’s the ODM party, they should not be speaking now,”

The vocal MP has been on the limelight following a viral video in which he attacked President Uhuru and his family.

He had also spoken against the dramatic arrest of Emurua Dikirr MP Johana Nge’no who is facing Hate Speech charges.

Sudi’s video attracted countrywide outrage with a section of leaders among them women leaders demanding an apology.

Some of the vitriol had been directed towards DP Ruto who has been accused of sitting on the fence as his troops insult the president.

On Monday, Ruto had asked his allies to cease fire, noting there was a better way to air their displeasure that does not include insults.

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