Igathe: ‘Chris Kirubi designed Sonko-Igathe ticket’

Igathe: ‘Chris Kirubi designed Sonko-Igathe ticket’

Former Nairobi Deputy Governor Polycarp Igathe attributed much of his success to late billionaire Chris Kirubi during a funeral service at Faith Evangelistic Ministries in Karen on Friday.

While lauding the late business magnate as a “genius from birth,” Igathe explained that it was Kirubi’s idea to ensure that Nairobi county was returned to the National Government when politics stymied business in the capital.

“When it was impossible to do business in Nairobi, it was Kirubi’s idea to make sure Nairobi is back to National Government,” Igathe said.

Igathe, who resigned as Sonko’s deputy due to ideological differences, claimed that the late billionaire was also the brains behind the short-lived Igathe-Sonko ticket, which won the Nairobi seat in 2017.

“It was Kirubi who designed the Igathe-Sonko ticket, and we were very glad with that design and he gave me to execute and we did not fail…” Igathe said.

Kirubi who will be buried on Saturday at his Bendor Farm in Thika died on June 14, some four years after he was diagnosed with cancer.

According to an excerpt from his eulogy, he sought treatment in the United States and locally since then, but the sickness deteriorated.

“Despite his early prognosis, his family claims that he had a higher quality of life than most,” his family said. “However, in early 2021, he became ill, and after a few treatment sessions, doctors determined that the condition had progressed too far.”

On Monday, surrounded by his family, Kirubi who rose up the ranks; from a humble gas salesman to a billionaire, died of breathing complications.

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