Jamia Mosque suspends congregational prayers indefinitely over the coronavirus

Jamia Mosque suspends congregational prayers indefinitely over the coronavirus

The Jamia Mosque in efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus has suspended all congregational prayers indefinitely.

In a statement released on Wednesday, 18 March, the Mosque said the decision was informed by several consultative meetings with a council of scholars (Majlis Ulamaa).

“The Jamia Mosque Committee has with effect from today, Wednesday, March 18 temporarily and regrettably suspended all congregational prayers at the mosque till further notice,”

The Secretary of the Jamia Mosque Committee, Abdul Bary Hamid says the Mosque was also advised by the Kenya Muslim Medical Professionals (KAMMP) to suspend all activities.

Further, the statement said the Mosque would be monitoring the situation and would advise worshippers in due course.

The suspension of the prayers is in line with the Ministry of Health’s directive banning all public gatherings.

The ban also saw several Kenyan churches suspend services indefinitely asking worshippers to conduct prayers at home.

PCEA and All Saints Cathedral Anglican churches suspended Sunday services until further notice to avert the spread of the coronavirus.

The Presbyterian church (PCEA) announced to its 4.5 million members suspension of Sunday services and gatherings, but welcomed individuals to access places of worship for private prayers.

All Saints Cathedral on the other hand suspended all Sunday church services and cancelled meetings that were to be held at the premises from Wednesday.

Also suspended at the All Saints Cathedral are weddings.

Couples that had scheduled weddings at the church in the next four weeks were advised to cancel them.

Weddings conducted in exceptional circumstances permitted by the provost, will only be attended by not more than 10 people and last 30 minutes at most.


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