Jubilee speeds up impending break-up with Ruto-linked PDR party

Jubilee speeds up impending break-up with Ruto-linked PDR party

The Jubilee Party has begun the formal process of severing ties with the DP Ruto-backed United Democratic Alliance (UDA), formerly known as the Party of Development and Reforms (PDR).

On Monday, Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju wrote to Registrar of Political Parties Ann Nderitu, declaring Jubilee’s intention to terminate its pre-election agreement with UDA.

According to the letter, the Jubilee Party National Management Committee determined that it was improper and untenable to complete the coalition’s formation after considering the current political and legal obstacles confronting the proposed coalition.

The party also stated that all the PDR officials who participated in the initial coalition talks had been replaced.

“All the PDR officials that were engaged in coalition discussions have been changed and the new officials have exhibited hostility by actively fielding candidates in areas outside the original areas covered by cooperation,” Tuju said on Monday.

The ruling party also raised objections to the ‘hustler nation’ narrative, claiming that its ‘negative connotation’ violated the party’s slogan “Tuko pamoja,” which “seeks to unite Kenyans rather than divide them along ethnic or class lines.”

“There being no harmonisation of our policy and vision we have found ourselves as strange bedfellows especially with the UDA use of their identity as “hustlers” which has negative dictionary meaning and connotation. This is also at complete variance with our motto of Tuko Pamoja that seeks to unite Kenyans and not divide them along ethnic or class lines, ” Tuju added.

Some members of the UDA have also been accused of using derogatory terms regarding Jubilee and fielding candidates against it, ostensibly making coalition building impossible.

At the same time, Jubilee has accused the Ruto-wing of actively fielding candidates in areas other than those covered by their cooperation.

While all members of the dissolved coalition who hold positions of leadership in the Assemblies will continue to serve, the Jubilee party says it will end all ties with the PDR.

“The Party has therefore decided to cease any further engagement and association with the PDR whose officials, symbols and name has metamorphosed beyond recognition in comparison to the PDR we worked with previously,” the letter read.

“This is to request that you take note of the content of this letter and to put on record our revocation of the provisional coalition agreement lodged in your offices on the 6th of May 2018,”

The latest comes just a week after the Deputy President accused Jubilee officials led by Mr. Tuju of fomenting the squabbles that have plagued the political union.

In an interview with Citizen TV last Thursday, DP Ruto stated that if order is not restored in the Jubilee Party, he will run for president in 2022 through the United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

“I still hope that maybe something will happen, and we can salvage Jubilee and put it in a place where it can have its original vision. In the event that does not work out, we have to have a plan B. For us we have a sister party, now called UDA. In the event Jubilee is not available the next best option is UDA,” said the deputy president.


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