Kabogo vows to ban Kenya Mpya buses

Kabogo vows to ban Kenya Mpya buses

Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has vowed to ban Kenya Mpya buses from operating within Kiambu County saying they do not follow traffic rules.

Speaking at Gatunyu village in Gatanga Constituency during the burial of Onesmas Ndungu Kimani, a man who was ran over by one of the buses, Kabogo noted that the buses have been involved in several fatal accidents and threatened to halt their operations in Kiambu County due to their reckless driving.

He further stated that he began waging war against the buses during his time as Juja MP and reiterated that it was time to stop the road carnage caused by the buses.

“During my time as Juja MP, I had challenges trying to prevent these buses from driving into Thika Town. However, since traffic control is now the mandate of devolved governments, I will ensure Kenya Mpya buses are not allowed to enter Thika Town until this issue is cleared,” he said.

“We shall investigate Kenya Mpya buses and find out what exactly is wrong with their operations.”

Echoing his sentiments, Kigumo MP Jamlek Kamau questioned why the buses were allowed to operate despite the number of accidents and deaths linked to them.

Kamau also urged authorities to unmask the owners of the buses and launch investigations into their operations saying the buses are behind several accidents on the Thika Superhighway.

Kenya Mpya buses have recently come under high public scrutiny after being faulted with reckless driving and accused of causing several road accidents.

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