Kathy Kiuna’s car prophesy tweet sparked hilarious reactions

Kathy Kiuna’s car prophesy tweet sparked hilarious reactions

Celebrity pastor, Reverend Kathy Kiuna has received what has now come to be an obvious backlash whenever she tweets something to do with her brand of prosperity gospel.

On Tuesday, Kiuna decided to spread the power of the Holy ghost fire past the walls of her church to her Twitter Followers where she promised them that they would all be driving in 40 days whether they have the money to buy it or not.

As expected, Kenyans On Twitter saw an opening and they went in, hard and hilariously.

— Rev Kathy Kiuna (@RevKathyKiuna) November 14, 2017

From the phrasing of her tweet, pastor Kiuna was expecting a “somebody say amen” kind of reply but instead her prophesy tweet went from holy ghost fire to “what just happened?” real quick.

— Dan Ochieng (@dan_kochieng) November 15, 2017

— SENIOR COUNJORA (@Od3ra_) November 15, 2017

— Amalinze DeCat (@luo_man) November 14, 2017


— Wanjiku wa Njoroge (@machosmall) November 15, 2017


— Lawrence (@EdtechKE) November 15, 2017

— Charlie ツ (@CkayHektoh) November 15, 2017


— Ann Kariuki (@awkariuki) November 15, 2017

— Timothy Mathai (@timothymathai) November 15, 2017

— Brian B. Gichaga (@B_Gichaga) November 15, 2017

— Ayumba Onguko (@OnAyumba) November 15, 2017

— 志々雄 真実 Shishio Makoto of the Shinsengumi Dynasty (@anj_116_) November 14, 2017


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