Kenya warns of full lockdown of flights over row with Somalia

Kenya warns of full lockdown of flights over row with Somalia

Despite signs earlier this month that the Kenya-Somalia relations were returning to some state of equilibrium, a communique from kenya’s ministry of Foreign Affairs to its diplomatic missions seems to tell a different story.

In a letter dated 27th may 202 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the diplomatic ties between the two nations had been severed and the airspace closed.

The ministry of foreign affairs has the honour to inform that the Kenya-Somalia airspace has been closed following the severance of diplomatic relations between the two countries,”

The ministry goes on to warn that: “We has noticed the misuse of humanitarian flights for bilateral and political matters,’ and this could lead to a full lock down of flights if it continues unabated,”

The ministry also demanded for the list of passengers and goods to be transported to Somalia thorough the Humanitarian flights before clearance is issued.

Earlier this month, Somalia indicated that it had restored diplomatic ties it cut with Kenya, following mediation by Qatar.

A few days later Kenya suspended all flights except for humanitarian deliveries for three months with no reason given on the Kenya side.

A notice from Somalia affirmed that a ban on flights carrying Khat or Miraa from Kenya could be at the centre of it.

Tension between the two states heightened in December 2020 when Somalia cut ties, ordering its ambassador home and expelling Kenya’s representative.

Somalia recently announced that it will hold its delayed elections within 60 days, with the nation previously having accused Kenya of interfering in its sovereignty.



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