Kenyan Twitter bigwigs lose big after fake-follower purge

Kenyan Twitter bigwigs lose big after fake-follower purge

President Uhuru Kenyatta, ODM leader Raila Odinga are some of the Kenyan Twitter personalities who lost followers in a lifestyle audit on user accounts.

This is because Twitter is cracking down and doing an audit of its users as it seeks to purge fake followers which will see millions of accounts deleted.

But worry not, on average, most people will only lose roughly four followers but the spotlight will be on the Twitter celebrities who have millions of followers.

“We are committed to building trust and encouraging healthy conversation on Twitter. Follower counts should be meaningful and accurate. We are removing locked accounts from follower counts,” tweeted Twitter on its official account.

In Kenya, a number of Twitter bigwigs have seen their numbers drop, some marginally like those of President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila Odinga while others lost significantly.

Cyprian Nyakundi and Xtian Ndela lost a combined 1 million followers in the purge and Kenyans on Twitter have been laughing at them since dawn on Friday.

Nyakundi lost 533,388 followers dropping from 1,228,942 to 695,554 while Xtian lost 567,048 plumetting from 1,228,942 to 695,554 followers.

The other personality who dropped a significant number is Kenyan moral police Ezekiel Mutua who lost 66,037 Followers. This does not look big compared to Nyakundi but bear in mind he dropped from 100,202 to 34,165 Followers.

Miguna Miguna does not have a single fake follower as his numbers are still the same. Expect a lot of chest thumping from the good man.

Here are some of the prominent Kenyan tweeps and how many Followers they lost.

Uhuru Kenyatta – 3,234,177 – 3,218,766 – Lost – 15,411

Raila Odinga – 1,933,993, 1,923,295 – Lost 10,698

William Ruto – 1,968,055 – Lost 6,949

Jeff Koinange – 1,300,056 – 1,288,845 – Lost 11,211

Larry Madowo – 1,508,198 – Lost 7,835

Chris Kirubi – 1,023,679 – Lost 5,927

Barack Obama (Honourable mention) – 103,615,796 – 101,272,741 – Lost 2 Million Followers

Xtiandela – 1,087,889 – 520,841 – Lost 567,048

Cyprian Nyakundi – 1,228,942 – 695,554 – Lost 533,388

Miguna Miguna – 398,602 not lost any Follower (Yet)

Ezekiel Mutua – 100,202 – 34,165 – Lost 66,037

Citizen TV – 1,860,460 – 1,846,672 – Lost 13,788

NTV – 1,889,548 – 1,875,341 – Lost 14,207

Safaricom – 1,092,915 – Lost 8,230


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