Kisumu residents receive empowerment in Sickle Cell Disease awareness event

Kisumu residents receive empowerment in Sickle Cell Disease awareness event

Residents of Kisumu County have received vital support from the inaugural event organized by Save the Sicklers organization, dedicated to raising awareness about sickle cell disease (SCD) and fostering community solidarity.

Taking place at Diemo Primary School the event marked a significant stride forward in addressing the challenges associated with SCD in the region.

Led by esteemed haematologist Dr. Paul Mboya, the event brought attention to the collective effort needed to support individuals living with SCD. 

Residents participated in a blood donation drive, highlighting the indispensable role of community engagement in assisting SCD patients.

Innovative solutions, including the STS ThermoSoothe device developed by students from Kabarak University, were showcased, demonstrating the organization's commitment to advancing healthcare solutions for SCD patients.

Save the Sicklers organization underscored the importance of dispelling myths surrounding SCD and educating society on how to support affected individuals. 

The event received significant support from Kombewa District Hospital and the Department of Health of Kisumu County, ensuring comprehensive healthcare support for attendees.

With plans to extend its outreach campaign to neighboring counties, Save the Sicklers organization aims to drive positive change and enhance the quality of life for individuals living with SCD.


Kisumu Save the Sicklers organization

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